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Minimum recommended amount for eliminating ammonia and nitrite in an active filter for a typical bio-load. HIGH FLOW LOCATION. Some Nitrate control will occur.

Tank Size              Spheres, GEMS  or Plates               Blocks

50 Gallons              1 GEMS, <2qt or 1 Plate                 1 Block

100 Gallons                     2qt or 1 Plate                          1 Block

250 Gallons                     2qt or 2 Plates                         1 Block

      500 Gallons                 1gal or 3 to 4 Plates                1 to 2 Blocks

2500 Gallons                  5gal or 12 Plates                      5 Blocks



Recommended amount to minimize nitrates in a passive filter with a typical bio-load.


             Tank Size                Blocks in passive location


50 Gallons                             1 block

100 Gallons                            1 block

   250 Gallons                        2 - 3 blocks

500 Gallons                           5 blocks

2500 Gallons                          20 blocks

MarinePure BioMedia's thick blocks are designed to be used in passive systems to control Nitrates (like live rock). If used in active systems they will eliminate ammonia and nitrites (nitrification), while helping to control some nitrates.

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