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Aquarium Partners, located in Columbia, SC was formed in 2016 with the goal to help bridge the gap between aquatic product manufacturers in the US and abroad. Our strong ties in EU  enable us to foster great relationships with some of the most innovative aquarium product manufacturers and help them export and introduce their fantastic products to the US market. We specialize in the marketing and distribution of those incredible products in the US.  Our central location enables us to easily receive and transport products throughout the entire US.


Francois Nollet, CEO of both Aquarium Partners and ELOS America, brings more than 30 years of experience in research and cutting-edge innovation to the US. The sales team has more than 20 years of in shop retail, wholesale, installation, design and maintenance along with their marketing skills. This entire team knows how your shop functions and are here to enable you to put some of the best products in the world into the hands of your customers. For the hobbyists, we are a been there – done that team and can troubleshoot your aquarium issues and guide you to the right solutions.

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