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SvC - Zooplankton Supplement

ELOS svC: zooplankton for filter feeders


Impact of efficient filtration on available nourishment should be of concern for the modern aquarium user. Through highly efficient filtration and protein skimming organic molecules and particulate matter are pulled from our systems, which is a source of food for coral and other invertebrates. 


Our duty as hobbyists should be to emulate many of the physical and chemical factors of the ocean. Although, in terms of dissolved nutrients, wild reefs are very poor in nutrients, however, we should not ignore the presence of them.


NSW over natural reefs is often rich in planktonic organisms and other desirable small organism. These are very important for the survival of filter feeders such as some coral species, tube worms, sea anemones, sponges, clams, tunicates, and in general all the biomass of our aquarium which in a well kept system contains a micro-fauna that need energy to survive.


ELOS was the first to discover that in closed systems, some species of corals (mainly SPS) significantly benefit (better colors and more rapid growth) from a reduced addition of organic additives (dissolved organic material), but only if compensated by a selective addition of high quality nourishment. In 1997, based on our groundbreaking and innovative research, ELOS introduced to the market a "Trio" of products to feed our corals. One part of the Trio is a readily bio-available target food: ELOS SvC.


For the good health and husbandry of these animals, including many of the smaller-polyp corals and soft corals, we must provide the appropriate planktonic foods. Elos SvC is a high-concentrated bio-engineered marine zooplankton supplement ideal for filter-feeding marine invertebrates. It contains a multitude of organic nutrients as well as vitamins and other beneficial ingredients such as some non traditional compounds that were demonstrated to work such as Omega-3, Omega-6 and other fatty acids, Selenium, anti-oxidants etc.


Elos SvC produces, in a matter of days visible and rapid results beneficial to the animals we maintain in our aquariums.


  • Contains a multitude of organic nutrients as well as vitamins and other beneficial ingredients
  • Contains non-traditional compounds that were demonstrated to work, like Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils
  • It enhances the animals ability to build cells by promoting cell building blocks, the matrix of life of the aquarium animals
  • Ideal for filter feeders
  • Can also be used to feed small fish
  • High nutritional profile; may be used as a complete brine shrimp replacement

Note: Elos SVC is a powder, packed inside an aluminum bag. Similar products available on the market need refrigeration or freezing and normally contain various inorganic phosphate salts intentionally added to them as preservatives. To avoid the need of these preservatives Elos takes great care in its packing conditions, which are done in a low contamination, controlled atmosphere.



Combine use with Elos Omega Amino Acids and Elos Pro Skimmer Coral Nourishment for complete coral nutrition.

SvC - Zooplankton Supplement

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