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best LED light in the reefing Market 
Aqua Revolution
Blue Booster System


In-depth research studies over the years have allowed GNC to create "Blue Booster System" technology that reproduces the natural light conditions for fish and corals by selecting the perfect mix of LEDs and avoiding light peaks that damage the most photosensitive animals, reproducing the natural marine scenery of depth.


Universal management and control

The WiFi connection allows you to connect with any device, easily setting all parameters via browser and without downloading any APP. Simple is the dimming of colors from 0 to 100%, while sunrise and sunset can be adapted to your needs by changing both the starting time and duration. The SuperCap System also keeps the clock running for over three hours in the event of a blackout.


Scenarios and effects

You can reproduce different light conditions during the day by setting up to four different scenarios by changing at will the percentages of the individual channels; with the possibility to insert the cloud effect and the effects of lightning during a thunderstorm; you can also set the so-called DEMO effect simulating a fast cycle of sunrise and sunset to show to your friends or perform a quick maintenance without stressing the animals in the tank.


Actinic System

A pre-mixed LED channel consisting of 16 x 405 nM UV LEDs, 16 x 660 nM Deep RED LEDs, and 24 x 450 nM Royalblu LEDs gives you the perfect opportunity to maximize your animals' fluorescence, making all shades of color extremely striking.



After the lamp is turned off at the end of the sunset, the moonlight effect can be set for the entire night, only the blue LEDs will remain on at less than 1% simulating moonlight.


Performance and reliability

The dimensions are extremely compact (400x300x40mm) and thanks to the use of high luminous efficiency LEDs (white LEDs at 175 lumens/watt, blue LEDs at 200milliwatts and red LEDs 180 milliwatts at high radiometric flux), BluRay PRO provides exceptional performance with maximum 130 watts of power consumption. In addition, the passive anodized aluminum heatsink allows for proper LED operating temperature, quiet operation, and perfect maintenance-free durability.

Dimensions: 300×400×40 mm   le (11.81''x15.75''X 1.57'') 

Weight: 12,46 lbs 

Tub coverage: up to 90×70 cm

LEDs white 12.000 kelvin: n° 264

Royal blue LEDs 460 nM: 268 each

LEDs Royal Blue 450 nM: No. 24

LEDs Deep Red 660 nM: 16 nM

UV LEDs 405 nM: 16 nM

Laser-cut acrylic lens: 10 mm

Primary power supply: 100-240 Vac

Power consumption: max 130 watts

Input Voltage: 85-264 AC

Secondary low voltage output: 48 Vdc

Lamp power cable: 2,5 mt

Power supply cable: 1,5 mt

Independent constant current channels: n° 3 channels

Adjustable stainless steel suspension kit: included up to 1,5 mt length

Bridge support system: optional 4 Bridge support versions (60 to 228 cm tanks)

Osmotic pressure leveling valve: included

AirLink2 WiFi system: included

superCAP time keeping system: included

Data memory for sunrise/sunset, times and channels: included

Diffusion System card: included

Blue Booster System: included

Daily scenarios: up to 4 scenarios

Clouds effect: included

Lightning effect: included

Moonlight effect: included

DEMO effect: included

Sunrise and sunset: inclusive up to 240 minutes

Multi-lamp synchronization: inclusive





$1,190.00 Regular Price
$699.00Sale Price
  • BluRay PRO - FAQ

    What does the BluRay PRO package contain?
    The lamp with its power cord, AirLink2 controller, power supply and suspension kit to hang it from the ceiling. It does not contain the ceiling attachment stops.

    Can I lean BluRay PRO against the tub instead of suspending it?
    Yes, by purchasing the optional Bridge accessory, for all tubs from 60 to 228 cm there are four different Bridge models, discover them among the accessories.

    Can I synchronize BluRay PRO to Bluray?

    Yes all our products can be synchronized with each other, through the Sink cable you can connect the Airlink2 of BluRay PRO to the Airlink of Bluray and through a simple procedure you can control everything together.

    What is the recommended percentage for each channel?

    The three channels are properly mixed so that you can use them from 1 to 100 percent of their potential without harming the animals; we do not recommend predefined percentages because depending on the type and
    condition of the animals you have in your tank you can choose the spectrum that suits them best or best according to your personal taste.

    Can I synchronize BluRay PRO to Silvermoon bars?

    Yes all our products can be synchronized with each other, through the Sink cable you can connect the Airlink2 of BluRay PRO to the Powermoon of Silvermoons and through a simple procedure you can control everything together.

    How can I connect via WiFi to BluRay PRO?
    After searching your device for BluRay PRO's WiFi, connect by entering the alphanumeric password found on the back of the AirLink2; then open any browser by typing in the IP on the search bar

    How do I turn on BluRay PRO?
    After reading and following the instructions to connect the lamp cable to the AirLink2 and the latter to the power supply, only then can you plug it into the wall outlet. The lamp will emit a short flash and start working, turning on after a few seconds.

    Why won't BluRay PRO turn on after it is properly plugged in?
    BluRay PRO will turn on only if the time has been set and only if we are within the daylight phase at that time; for example, if it is 9 p.m. at that time and you will have set the sunset end time to 8 p.m., the lamp will correctly remain off.

    Do UV LEDs hurt?

    All of our LEDs are approved by photobiological certification, even the UV LEDs Translated with (free version)

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