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SVM2 :Extruded Food for Marine Species - Medium


It is well known that, in an aquarium populated by corals, it is important to avoid the need of medicine treatment and increase in PO4 as well as NO3 levels. Where SPS are also present, it become even more important to keep a low level of nutrients inside the water to avoid our corals to lose their colours, but it is meanwhile important to keep fish in perfect health conditions.
Formulated with high quality ingredients providing high digestibility and palatability, with Elos SVM, we have developed the first high-nutrition fish food dedicated to feed the fish of our reef aquarium. Made to protect our fish' health, Elos SVM is a complete balanced formula, with all the requested nutrients, saltwater crustaceans and 14 marine derived vitamins to grant growth, spawning activity and health of the tropical marine fishes.

With the use of Beta-Glucans we add natural substances into the food, which, scientifically tested and proven stimulate the macrophages, specialized cells within the body of the fish, that check and control the pathogenic agents development.

All this leads to a high degree of feed digestibility and nutrient value taking to the need of less food thus significantly reducing the level of organic waste into the water.



  • preserved using proper packaging and vitamins rather
    than poly-phosphates.
  • the vitamins are sprayed on to the pellets in a unique vacuum
    chamber. When the vacuum is released the vitamins are sucked into the
    center of the food. This increases the nutritional content of the food
    as well as reduces the oil slick experienced with many other brands.
  • includes Beta Glucan Probiotics for immune system support. Beta
    Glucans have been proven to enhance immunity and successfully strengthen
    resistance against bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.
  • All of the meat comes from sea based animals.
  • The product is extruded using a unique low temperature process which preserves nutrients.


Enriched with B-glucan to reinforce the immuno-system of your fish, its Phosphates FREE!


Marine Aquarium


Weight: 65gr


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