WS Spirulina



Spirulina, is an high-quality food dedicated to all the species. A food that will provide a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins, and pigments necessary for healthy development and coloration.


It contains an abundance of high-grade spirulina and shrimp/krill meal and protein. Spirulina is useful not only as an excellent natural color enhancer, but also to stimulate fish's immune system to attack gram-negative bacteria.


Highly palatable and nutritionally complete, ELOS Spirulina is a nutritious vegetable supplement for appropriate for all freshwater and marine fish, and all algae grazers. Rich in Vitamins, it is especially important for marine fishes which tend to be more delicate and disease prone. Phosphates FREE!

Supplied in a sealed bag, placed inside an aluminum can, to protect it from ageing.


Fresh-water Aquarium
Marine Aquarium


Weight: 65gr

WS Spirulina