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WS SilverMoon Reef Blue

SilverMoon Reef Blu

Deep Blue for reef aquariums is generated from a blend of Royal Deep Blue 450nM and Royal Blue 465nM LEDs that provide SilverMoon Reef Blue with the spectrum to best breed SPS and LPS corals.

The spectrum is composed of LEDs of two types of Royal Blue that allow SilverMoon ReefBlu to be suitable for marine reef tanks.

Their narrow width and seven length sizes mean they can be easily adapted to replace any conventional neon system.

They can also be suspended and placed at the top of the aquarium, thanks to the suspension kit.

Best of all, they can be attached to any open aquarium with a beautiful acrylic kit or the more economical aluminum stand.

The light is diffused and high light output, the ninth generation LEDs have been tested by GNC to produce beneficial effects on animal species with great durability.

This system has a low power consumption, the passive dissipation and the high grade of the materials used provides a great reliability; finally, the wiring and the protection of the LED board is guaranteed by the high performance power supply.

WS SilverMoon Reef Blue

$61.00 Regular Price
$42.70Sale Price
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