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WS AquaZero A0 - Freshwater Conditioner

AquaZero - Water-conditioner


Our tap water comes with differing parameters, conditions and toxic
elements; AquaZero, was designed to neutralize the harmful substances,
such as, chlorine and heavy metals. It is enriched with Iodine and Slime
Protectors to restore the natural slime coating, to relieve fish of
stress and protect against abrasion. ELOS Aqua Zero is a complex formula
and Phosphates FREE.


After regular water changes, add 10ml for each 20lts of new water and
double the quantities on new setups. For better results, please add the
required quantity of product into a separate vessel (glass/beaker) with
water from the aquarium, mix it very well and then add it directly into
the aquarium in an area of water flow for dispersal.


WS AquaZero A0 - Freshwater Conditioner

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