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Wheat Germ

WHEATGERM - dedicated to gold fishes species and Butterfly Marine Fishes.


Scientifically formulated to permit the variation of the diet, made using selected ingredients Elos WheatGerm, is an high-quality food dedicated to gold fishes species, Ranchu, Oranda, as well as to the most valuable and delicate species of fresh water as well as marine. A food that will provide a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins, and pigments necessary for healthy development and coloration. It contains an abundance of high-grade shrimp/krill meal and protein.


Highly palatable and nutritionally complete, it provides a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth and healthy development of your most valuable fish. Phosphates FREE!


Supplied in a sealed bag, placed inside an aluminum can, to protect it from ageing.


Fresh-water Aquarium
Marine Aquarium


Weight: 65 gr

Wheat Germ

SKU: 0109
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