svD2 :Extruded Food for Valuable Species - Medium


Elos svD2 has a small grain size, suitable for all type of small fish, Marine or Fresh Water.


svD2 has been formulated to visibly intensify the natural colors of the
fish and, for this reason, it can also be used for the more valuable
species. It is an innovative food, dust free and without free-oil which
leads to excellent dispensing from automatic feeders, no oil film on the
water surface and a clean water. Phosphates FREE!



  • preserved using proper packaging and vitamins rather
    than poly-phosphates.
  • the vitamins are sprayed on to the pellets in a unique vacuum
    chamber. When the vacuum is released the vitamins are sucked into the
    center of the food. This increases the nutritional content of the food
    as well as reduces the oil slick experienced with many other brands.
  • includes Beta Glucan Probiotics for immune system support. Beta
    Glucans have been proven to enhance immunity and successfully strengthen
    resistance against bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.
  • All of the meat comes from sea based animals.
  • The product is extruded using a unique low temperature process which preserves nutrients.


Enriched with B-glucan to reinforce the immuno-system of your fish, its Phosphates FREE!



Fresh Water Aquarium

Marine Aquarium


Weight: 65 gr


SKU: 0105