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Stop Ammo PRO - x10

Stop_Ammo is effective in freshwater and marine water and is a natural plant extract which neutralises ammonia and reduces the production of nitrites in aquariums and water used for fish transport.

Stop_Ammo information

  • Traps and stops ammonia
  • Limits and reduces the proportion of nitrites
  • Prevents the fish from being shocked or killed
  • Product is made from the extracts of specially selected plants with the capacity to trap ammonia nitrogen
  • Saponins have been removed in order to make the plant extract suitable

When should Stop_Ammo be used ?

  • When you start a freshwater or a marine water aquarium
  • To limit an accidental rise in nitrites, causes, for example, by a dead fish
  • When your fish are acclimatising to reduce or eliminate fish loss and encourage quicker acclimatization

How to use Stop_Ammo ?

What volume ?What range ?What dosage ?
120 to 200 litersStandard1 vial
201 to 400 litersStandard2 vials
401 to 600 litersStandard3 vials
601 to 800 litersStandard4 vials
801 to 1 000 litersStandard5 vials
1 001 to 2 000 litersPro1 vial
2 001 to 4 000 litersPro2 vials
4 001 to ... ... .. litersProadd 1 vial every 2 000 liters

Stop Ammo PRO - x10

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