Risocrock Turkey

Risocrock Turkey


Turkey 65%, puffed rice 25%, orange carrot 2%, beet 5%, chicory 2%, escarole 1%, Psyllium

Crude protein 22%
Oils and fats 12%
Crude fiber 4%
Crude ash 3%

Main Features

  • Naturally Crunchy 
  • With Plantago Psyllium 
  • Handmade product, produced in Italy 
  • Contains at least 65% of fresh Italian meat 
  • Raw materials 100% Human Grade 
  • Slowly dried, at low temperature 
  • Without preservatives or artificial colourings 
  • Without addition of animal meal 
  • Regulates intestinal functions 
  • Highly palatable
  • Description

How many times, during an outdoor walk, or during a raid in the garden, have we seen our pet looking for and feeding on wild plants and roots? It is well known that even if vegetable fibres are not absorbed, they are fundamental in the nutrition of our dogs.
Risocrock has been designed for this purpose. Rich in meat, rice and vegetables, it is added with “Plantago Psyllium”, a spontaneous herbaceous plant, present throughout the Italian territory, which of fers anti-inf lammatory, bacteriostatic and intestinal function regulation properties.
Risocrock is a healthy alternative to the traditional protein snack, to offer something extra to your pet. The mixture, produced with a balanced mix of organs and fresh meat “Human Grade”, is added with extract of Rosemary (natural preservative) and Plantago Psyllium. It is then spread by our cooks with a rolling pin.
It is then placed on the cooking trays and dried at a low temperature, so as to give it its typical consistency, which makes it a CRUNCHY snack, an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates, pleasant to eat and useful for regulating the intestinal functions of our little friends.

Risocrock Turkey

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