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Supports multiple test kits

Reefbot is configured to work with reagent test kits available on the market from the following brands: Elos, Salifert, Giesmann, Red Sea, Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin and API. Changing kits is as simple as selecting a brand and parameter on the mobile and web application.


ReefBot uses traditional reagent based method to autonomously measure the levels of the most common parameters in your tank. It currently measures Alkalinity (Alk), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Nitrate (NO3), Phosphate (PO4), Nitrite (No2), Ammonia (NH3) and Copper (Cu) with more parameters added regularly.


The Reefbot is controlled from anywhere in the world through a mobile and web app with a simple interface to schedule and run tests, view all results and receive alerts when new test results are ready.


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