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(N.P)EX 250 ml

[N,P]EX - Carbon source for bacteria
[N,P]EX is a multi-source of bioavailable carbon for marine bacteria such as BIODIGEST® and PROBIOTIX and rapidly lowers nitrate and phosphate levels in the marine aquarium.

Can be used in the context of a "low nutrient" management of your tank.

Promotes optimal coloration of your corals in synergy with CORAL COLOR BOOSTER.

Requires a very good skimming, a good oxygenation and the respect of the protocol of use.


Nano range: 100 ml bottle. Standard range: 250 and 1000 ml bottle.



[N,P]EX is a combination of several different carbon sources that guarantee its effectiveness. 

It should be used by experienced and knowledgeable aquarists in monitoring their aquarium values. We recommend its use when all other measures to limit NO3 and PO4 are no longer effective.

Gradually increase the quantities as the expected parameters are reached

Once these are stable, maintain the dosage while regularly controlling the levels.


Do not stop abruptly, but progressively decrease the dosage used, to wean the aquarium.


(N.P)EX 250 ml

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