the Most exclusive Tiny Led Light fixture For marine aquarium
Lamp for tanks up to 12"×12 "


GNC Pixi is a mini LED ceiling light that is designed for use in marine aquariums up to 10 gallons  or 12 X12

It is the ideal solution for raising all types of coral and any form of marine water life.
GNC Pixi uses ninth-generation LEDs with very high brightness; the design is attractive and the materials are of the highest quality; the LED board is protected from dust and splashing water, and the heat produced is passively dissipated through anodized aluminum;

the result of completely Made in Italy research,

Pixi is the best solution for your Pico reef  aquarium.

Watts Max 6 W nM Lumens 796


6 n° white LEDs 10000k

12  n° blue LEDs 458 nM