Scorzette Fish

Scorzette Fish


Fish (100%)

Crude protein 66%
Oils and fats 14%
Crude fiber 0%
Crude ash 10%


Main Features

  • No Grain (0% carbohydrate)
  • Made with 100% fresh meat MONO RACE
  • Ingredients 100% Human Grade
  • High protein value
  • Slowly dried, at low temperature
  • Without preservatives or artificial colourings
  • Easily sliced and therefore suitable for dogs of all sizes – Highly palatable
  • Without Animal MEAL


  • Description

The first natural snack, produced by hand with a small bag, with a high protein value (60-70%), with 100% mono-race meat! Designed to provide the energy required for your pet to be rewarded during the most demanding moments of the day.
In the recipe of “Scorzette” we use only fresh mono-race meat, “Human Grade”, a balanced amount of organs, all added with Rosemary extract. This snack is dried at a low temperature to preserve its nutritional properties.
For this reason “Scorzette” maintains all the characteristics of fresh meat, and becomes an excellent source of pure protein: a healthy and genuine snack, handmade to tease your furry friend during a walk, sport or training session.

Scorzette Fish

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