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Extra Vitamin - Vitamin Complex

ELOS Extra Vitamin - Vitamin supplement for corals (25ml)


Although vitamins are only one of a variety of components of a healthy diet, your ornamental fish and invertebrate requires vitamins for survival. Whereas the quantity of vitamins supplied to the fish with ELOS SV, ELOS OMEGA and PRO SKIMMER range is sufficient in most situations your fish require an extra portion of vitamins in some stages,like when frozen fish food is used for feeding, in stress situations caused by transportation, relocation, and acclimatisation to the aquarium, during and after pharmaceutical treatment in order to support spawning maturity of mainly vitamin C and E, and for the raising of young fish.




  • can be add directly into the freshwater or saltwater aquarium or to mix with the food supply
  • ideal for the integration of frost and live food
  • reduces the risk of bacterial infections by strengthening the immune system
  • prevents lack situations and detoxifies the liver of the fish
  • helps to overcome stress situations (catching, transport, etc.)
  • grants optimum supply during and after medical treatment
  • supports spawnly maturity
  • meets the extreme needs during the raising of the fries


Size: 25 mL glass bottle (treats 12.500 lt of aquarium water (3.300 gal))

Extra Vitamin - Vitamin Complex

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