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Extra Magnesium - Concentrated magnesium

Extra Magnesium: Highly concentrated Magnesium supplement


In reef aquaria, maintaining Magnesium within a range of 1290 - 1320 ppm is mandatory to support the formation of corals skeleton and to avoid bonding of calcium and carbonate. Calcium concentration will never be correctly sustained until the Magnesium approaches its correct level. Extra Magnesium is a very efficient Magnesium additive Manufactured from pure laboratory grade salts designed to rapidly restore Magnesium concentration to NSW levels. A perfect additive to be used also in Balling Method in combination with Extra Calcium, KH+ and our line of Trace Elements.

Use: add every other day or as needed to maintain the magnesium concentration within a range of 1290 - 1320 ppm. It is suggested to create a stock solution by dissolving 20 grams (~10 teaspoons) of Extra Magnesium in 0,2 lt (~6,76-fl. oz.) of RO water; each ml of the solution will increase the Magnesium concentration in 5 lt (1,32 US-gal) of water by ~5.0 ppm.


Extra Magnesium - Concentrated magnesium

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