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ELOS ReefSpecialFormula Salt 50 gal

ELOS ReefSpecialFormula Salt

High-purity aquarium salt, blended with pharmaceutical-grade raw materials.

With this product we supply to you a superior quality salt where all of the main and trace elements are in complete balance as nature intended. With a superior hydration level (avoiding unnatural increments of single parameters) this salt will yield a greater volume of in-balance saltwater than standard products. Coming from ancient sediments, this Elos salt is produced in a sterile environment. It is a pure salt because it is not in contact with the atmosphere and open environments, like wet or dry hydration salt that can be polluted with organisms and algae. Elos Salt provides a pure composition and with the addition of high quality raw elements scientifically researched and tested, will avoid precipitation of some elements and provide stability in the aquarium.

We really believe that maintaining the elements in sufficient quantity enables the aquarist to keep key elements stable without precipitation. Even in the situation where enhanced levels may be utilised, it is safer and better than using chemicals to remove excesses.

With an optimized level of KH, Calcium, and Magnesium, it is the ideal salt mix for a healthy growth and vivid colouration of the most delicate species of marine invertebrates.

ELOS ReefSpecialFormula Salt 50 gal

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