AquaGrowth Soil 9 lt +Bacterkit  soils Free

AquaGrowth Soil is a mineral soil specifically designed to facilitate the development of plants in your freshwater aquarium.

AquaGrowth Soil Informations

  • Enriched soil for fresh water aquarium
  • Ideal for an healthy plant growth and strong root development
  • High temperature treatment (around 1200°C; 2192°F) gives its physical properties and allows it to be free of parasitic species which could contaminate the aquarium
  • AquaGrowth Soil is porous enough to allow nitrifying bacteria to properly colonize the substrate and improve water quality
  • Each granule of AquaGrowth Soil, with a size of 1 to 3mm, is compact enough to not turn into powder.
  • AquaGrowth Soil is tested by an independent laboratory (microbiological, chemical, and radioactive tests)

How to use AquaGrowth Soil ?

  • A bag is packaged in 9 liters / 9kg corresponding to a thickness of 5 to 6 cm for a 60 liter aquarium.
  • Using 150g (5.29 Oz.) of soil per liter (0.25 Gal) will grant the aquarium the best soil quantity needed..


Analysis of AquaGrowth Soil

Microbiological, parasitological and virological analyses CARSO Laboratory, Lyon, France
Wanted pathogens Analysis method Results
Salmonella NF EN ISO 6579 None
Listeria monocytogenes NF EN ISO 11290-1 None
Helminthes (viable eggs) Internal method None
Enterovirus Internal method None


Chemical average analyzes of some metals by ICP/AES Laboratory CARSO, Lyon, France, NF EN ISO 13346 and NF EN ISO 11885
Métaux recherchés Résultats
Manganese total
with MnO
475 mg/kg dry mater
0.20 % of total weight
Fer total
with Fe2O3
27 457 mg/kg dry mater
8.60 % of total weight
Calcium total
with CaO
8 845 mg/kg dry mater
4.20 % of total weight
Potassium total
with K2O
61 561 mg/kg dry mater
18.0% of total weight
Aluminium total
with Al2O3
61 561 mg/kg dry mater
18.0% of total weight
Magnesium total
with MgO
1 718 mg/kg dry mater
2.80 % of total weight
Phosphorus total
with P2O5
818 mg/kg dry mater
0.30 % of total weight
Silicium total (internal dosage)
with SiO2
74 600 mg/kg dry mater
46.6 % of total weight


Radioactivity search in soil by Gamma Spectrometry Laboratoire LDA 13 Marseille France - COFRAC Accreditation
Wanted radionucleides Analytic method Results
Cesium 134 Adapted method from MO 1.2 CEA GT21 1982 < 7 - None
Cesium 137 Adapted method from MO 1.2 CEA GT21 1982 < 7 - None
Iodine 131 Adapted method from MO 1.2 CEA GT21 1982 < 7 - None


Microbiological, parasitological and virological analyses
Laboratoire CARSO, Lyon, France
Wanted molecules Méthode analytique Résultat
PAHs (16 molecules) NF X 33-012 < 0.150 mg/kg dry mater
Nitrogen pesticides (5 mol